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16 October 2020 @ 10:43 am

A small disclaimer at the outset:

The majority of the posts I make in this journal -- those about art, music, books, fashion, antiques, dolls, films, history, etc. -- are open and viewable by everyone. However, on the rare occasions when I divulge the sordid (and not so much) details of my personal life, rather than risk injury to sensitive eyes and egos, circumstances necessitate that I utilize the privacy features which LJ has been so kind as to provide.

I promise that you will not be missing much if left out of these instances, but if you are one who, like so many, feel bereft by not being privy to all the intimate details of one's acquaintance, please feel free to comment below, and I shall be pleased to consider including you in the privileged circle of le Société Particulière de la Reine.

Now then, shall we continue?

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08 March 2014 @ 11:07 am
Just popping my head in to let you guys know that all is well with much as it ever it :p Work, sleep, read, etc. Honestly the most exciting thing that has happened to me recently was going to see a screening of the production of Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston, which I must say was pretty fabulous. Otherwise, same old boring nonsense as usual!

I also wanted to drop in a wee plug for a new Tumblr I just started dedicated to my doll collection, since I know a fair number of my dolly friends are still posting here on LJ! After a long break I'm picking back up with actively collecting again, albeit in a much more moderate form than in the past. At the moment it's mostly Monster High and my latest burgeoning obsession, Funko Pop! However, you guys know how eclectic my taste is, so anything and everything may make an appearance...

Mythosidhe's Doll House

The Discordian Aesthete
07 February 2014 @ 11:35 am
Sorry I fell off on posting again >_< Things got crazy over Thanksgiving, as usually, and then the time...disappears as it always does. Lately I've been using Tumblr quite a bit, because it appears to be specially engineered for lazy people like myself. If you are interested in all the same sorts of things I post here, with the addition of a seemingly endless supply of Loki and/or Tom Hiddleston, please feel free to stop by!

Mythosidhe on Tumblr

And if you have a blog over there you would like me to follow, drop me a note to let me know you're you ;)
The Discordian Aesthete
For your Thanksgiving morning: Cat, bat, fairies. What more do you need, really?

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27 November 2013 @ 12:26 pm
I suppose I could take the coward's route and blame this purchase on lack of sleep and low blood sugar, but the truth is far simpler, if potentially more embarrassing--like many of us who came of age in the 90s, I love aliens. After all, they are basically just space faeries. I think alien is a particularly appropriate theme for Lalaloopsy, as I've always found these dolls and their dead button eyes profoundly creepy, and I believe I read somewhere that button-eyes, like owls, are a reoccurring motif in the abduction lore of 'screened memories'. Then again, I may be confusing that with Coraline...

This girl and her little familiar will be released from their containment pod after I've had my morning nap, as I've fallen asleep multiple times while typing this post.
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25 November 2013 @ 04:16 pm
Hello friends. Sorry for the lack of posts, work has been the usual pre-Thanksgiving nightmare. I'm feeling pretty run down, but in the midst of all the chaos I still made time last night for this lady. Is it sad that I think I would find the Asylum preferable to my current situation...?

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21 November 2013 @ 01:56 pm
A few days after I brought Raven Queen home I still hadn't decided what to do with her, but in the end it turned out I had very little say in the matter! After a careful vetting process, including full examination of her magical skills by Witchy Ellowyne, it was determined that Raven qualified to join the Amethyst family. She seems to be settling in quite nicely.

In addition to examining her spell-casting abilities, Witchy Ellowyne seems to be evaluating how well-suited Raven would be for the role of tiny sidekick...

And now that that bit of silliness is out of the way, I must sleep! Have to be at work again in ten hours...
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20 November 2013 @ 09:48 am
Watched the first Thor movie last night. It was...not terrible? But certainly flawed. I'm unsure if that comes down to the direction or the script, but I suspect it was probably a combination of both. I love Kenneth Branagh in all his egocentric glory, but I don't believe I will ever understand why he was put in charge of this film. On the other hand, the writing, especial the Earth dialog, was just NOT GOOD. I felt embarrassed for Natalie Portman over some of the lines she had to say. Oh, and a wormhole that manifests as a tornado and leaves a crop circle? I'm going to be laughing my ass off at that for weeks...

Despite all of those criticisms, on the whole I think I did enjoy it. Trying to give emotional depth to a character who is notorious for being arrogant, superficial, and extraordinarily entitled (well, he is a god, after all), is a challenge, and I was pleased to see they made an effort, however poorly it was executed. Perhaps that's an unfair way of expressing what I'm trying to say....I guess to me it felt like they were trying to make two separate films, and where they joined together it was an imperfect fit. For me this boils down to the lack of chemistry between Thor and Pretty Scientist Lady. No convincing romantic tension there whatsoever. But then again, hey, the Asgard parts were cool, if a tad more Art Deco than I would have expected :p Seemed like they were trying to go for the art direction equivalent of a mash-up between Metropolis and a Maxfield Parrish painting.

I don't know. In the end this movie left me with a strong feeling of ambivalence. I am curious to see what they do with Thor in The Avengers and the sequel, but I couldn't care less whether he manages gets back together with his human girlfriend or not. I have a feeling I'm going to have to find out anyway...
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19 November 2013 @ 01:48 pm
I had to go to Target yesterday to buy cat food, and somehow I ended up in the doll aisle. Next thing you know...

Debating whether to let her out of the box, or return her on my next trip. Apologies for the crappy phone photo. I couldn't be bothered to excavate my good camera from my luggage. If she does stay I'll take proper ones later.
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18 November 2013 @ 11:20 am
I've been catching up on recent episodes of the NPR radio show/podcast Bullseye with Jesse Thorn this morning. This episode from the end of October features a fantastic interview with Elizabeth Gilbert about her new novel The Signature of All Things. The book tells the story of a spinsterly 18th century lady botanist who goes adventuring and finds romance--which of course falls only *marginally* within my field of interest :p The interview addresses not only the details of the book, but how Gilbert's experiences as a woman and journalist travelling the world solo impact her writing, which I also appreciate.

Incidentally, I've been holding off on purchasing TSOAT despite my eagerness to read it, because I wanted to save up for the hardcover. However, since Amazon is currently offering the Kindle edition for under $7, I decided to go ahead and buy it now. I can always get a physical copy later, when my finances are in better shape ;)
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17 November 2013 @ 06:03 pm
I squealed like the art-crazy fangirl that I am when I spotted the cover of the latest issue of Vogue on the racks at work a few nights ago. The editorial (art directed by Grace Coddington, of course) that accompanies the cover features gorgeous photos of exquisite actress Jessica Chastain in portraits paying homage to Klimt, van Gogh, Pre-Rahaelite photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, and several other late 19th century artists of note. If I can't track them down on the interwebs I suppose I'll have to break out the scanner so I can post more side-by-sides, as these are all STUNNING. Meanwhile! Please enjoy the cover, and it's inspiration.

Jessica Chastain, Vogue December 2013, photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Flaming June ~ Lord Frederick Leighton
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